Waiting for a Hallelujah

This will be our second Christmas in Florida away from our family, and I have become more aware that it’s another season away from our traditions. And from the feeling of Christmas. . .  [more]

The Walk Ahead:
a f
aint yell, a steady voice

Loss was remembered and I would soon rather it be long forgotten, so I wouldn’t have to be reminded of the what that was and what cannot be.

I’ve surrendered . . . [more]

Words too few: It is Well

A bouquet of blooms on a day of good [more]

A Greater Narrative

“Do you think you have seen healing take place in your body?”

A year ago my dad asked this haunting question, and I was immediately resistant.

This was last summer. . . [more]


One Hundred Words of Solitude
I retrace the familiar . . . [more]

“One Hundred Words” will be a periodic series of different blog post shorts—a mix of prose and poetry—consisting of one hundred words. Read on and let me know what you think.  

Grace in the Stillness…
for Rachel

Waltz with me
in the rain like cries

Waiting: Wandering and Wonderingimg_0803

I am wandering, I confess, and I don’t yet know how to articulate it to others. As a writer, I only want to present my polished thoughts in written form… [more]

Bearing Our Story:
Being Known for What Humbles Most

I’ve been afraid to tell you my name. Scared, or perhaps too proud, to voice the story that’s being written for me. To release my name attached to this story into the sphere of the unknown audience—whoever you are.

It was an internal collision in midair on an airplane flight: a life-long dream of going to Europe and a life-long U-turn…[more]


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m so excited for you – this new step indicates a huge milestone in your health. Looking forward to hearing from you! Give your husband a squeeze for us-(I know how much he loves those hugs 🙂 Fred and Jan Voseipka


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