Grace in the Stillness

Grace in the Stillness: The Dance with My King
for Rachel

Waltz with me
in the rain like cries
resting on your lashes
coursing down your cheek
fresh, metallic
puddles resting still
and silence sings

I seek to dance with you
laced in glory
and grace in the stillness of night
when time, its power long

and I am broken
before your feet
but you piece me
and take my hand to dance.

Twirl me,
your ballerina,
and my hair flutters in summer
so binding.

For I’ve never known one
who moves me
quite like you,
who breaks
my heart anew,
as the waltzing rain
beats with me and you.

When we began the hard, unknown road of suffering, what I did not anticipate was being forever and deeply moved by the most beautifully grace-filled saints afflicted by profound suffering. She, who has forever marked me, would have turned 29 years old today.

This is my dear friend: she is dancing with her King, her Savior, Jesus Christ. I love you and miss you. I look forward to seeing you dance.


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